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Annual Open Enrollment Period: Oct 15-Nov 4, 2013 for Plan Year Beginning Jan 1, 2014

PBC 2014 Benefits Videos by Topic:
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2014 Group Insurance Benefits

Coverage will be provided by the following vendors:

  • Health Plan -- CIGNA
  • Dental Plan -- UnitedHealthcare/Solstice
  • Life Insurance -- Minnesota Life
  • Long-term/short-term disability -- CIGNA
  • FLEX -- New vendor: P&A Group
The annual Opt-Out benefit of $1,000 will be offered for Plan Year 2014 to qualified employees -- employees have to re-enroll in this benefit via MyBenefits between 10/15-11/04/13.

Employee Premiums

Employee premiums are unchanged for:
  • Health plans
  • Dental plans
  • Disability insurance (long-term and short-term)
Life insurance premiums will decrease by 17% for all insurance programs offered to active employees by Minnesota Life.  See page two of the Life Insurance Plan Summary.
Retiree life insurance premiums will decrease 45%.

What's new for Plan Year 2014?


Life insurance will be renewed for Plan Year 2014 with Minnesota Life following a competitive proposal process.  The coverage will be offered under the same terms as the current coverage; however, premiums will decrease.  As an additional enhancement, dependent life coverage may be 100% of the employee's total term life amount (total of employee's basic term life and supplemental term life coverage amounts combined) as opposed to the prior limit of 50%. The spouse/domestic partner coverage limit remains $50,000.
You don't have to re-enroll in your existing life insurance coverage.

FLEX Flexible Spending Account administration will change from TASC to P&A Group for Plan Year 2014
  • If you participate in FLEX in 2013, you'll submit any claims for the 2013 plan year to TASC -- this includes claims during the grace period and run out period against 2013 funds
  • For FSA claims against your 2014 FLEX election, you will either use the new debit card you will receive from P&A Group or you can use any one of the various methods available to request your FSA reimbursement from P&A Group against 2014 funds
Review the posted information about the new FLEX vendor, P&A Group.

Health care reform and the Affordable Care Act mandate that the annual out of pocket maximum includes physician co-payments; therefore, the existing $2,500 out of pocket maximum will include physician co-payments in 2014 and, in order to stay compliant with the ACA, a separate annual out of pocket maximum will be established for pharmacy co-pays in the amount of $3,850.

If you have questions about health care reform and the Affordable Care Act and specifically information about public Exchanges/Marketplaces, please review the notices for BCC employees and Palm Tran employees as well as the Frequently Asked Questions and be sure to visit

Open Enrollment Information

Register in TED
by 10/11/13

Open enrollment information can be obtained in a number of ways:

  • A recorded session available on the web/DVD.  This is a taped recording of an Open Enrollment info session that will be posted on MyBenefits and the Risk Management/Group Insurance department website following the In Person meetings.  The recorded session can be viewed in its entirety -- or by individual segment; view from work, home, or elsewhere.  You/your department can request a copy of a DVD from Group Insurance.  The recorded session allows you to view the information on demand, at a time and location that is convenient for you.
  • In Person Meetings -- Employees have to register in advance in TED by 10/11/13 to attend an In Person session scheduled for 10/15-10/22/12.  The meetings are scheduled for two (2) hours at various locations throughout the County.  Employees can register in TED; supervisors can schedule their employees in TED; or Group Insurance can assist with scheduling employees. 
  • The 2014 Group Insurance Information guide will be available at the In Person meetings for BCC employees who registered in TED in advance and will be posted on MyBenefits by Oct 15th.

Processing Open Enrollment changes

If you don't wish to make any changes to your current benefits elections and you will not participate in the FLEX or Opt-Out Programs in Plan Year 2014, you do not have to take any action.  However, if you wish to enroll or re-enroll in the FLEX benefit or enroll or re-enroll in the Opt-Out benefit you MUST take action during Open Enrollment.
Use MyBenefits from work, home, or elsewhere at to make any benefit changes (e.g. change from POS to HMO health plan, elect dental coverage, add/delete dependents, elect/terminate coverage, enroll or re-enroll in the FLEX program and Opt-Out benefit program, update your life insurance beneficiaries) 

Important Dates & Deadlines

Remember to CONFIRM your changes in MyBenefits

Last day to enroll/make changes is
November 4, 2013

Now: Review group insurance information on MyBenefits
Between 10/01-10/11: BCC employees Register to attend an In Person Open Enrollment mtg in TED
10/15-10/22: Open enrollment In Person meetings will be held.
Upon availability through 11/04: View the recorded Open Enrollment meeting in  MyBenefits/DVD.
10/15-11/04: Finalize your open enrollment elections in MyBenefits -- contact your Group Insurance office for assistance, if needed.
12/06: Check your health, dental, disability and life insurance deductions on this paycheck to ensure the premiums are accurate.
01/03/14: Check this paycheck to verify your FLEX contributions and the Opt-Out benefit, if applicable.
Any paycheck discrepancies must be brought to the attention of your Group Insurance office IMMEDIATELY and in no event later than:
  • 12/31/13: Any corrections required to your health, dental, life, and disability premiums MUST be reported to your Group Insurance office no later than this date.
  • 01/31/14: Any corrections required to your FLEX and Opt-Out contributions MUST be reported to your Group Insurance office no later than this date.

Evidence of Insurability  &
Dependent Verification Documents

Employees who elect group term life coverage in excess of the guaranteed issue amounts will receive Evidence of Insurability notification directly from Minnesota Life.  Please complete the required Evidence of Insurability documentation and return it to Minnesota Life no later than December 2, 2013.  If the required documentation is not received by Minnesota Life, the carrier will be unable to proceed with the medical underwriting process and coverage in excess of any guaranteed issue amount will not be considered for approval.  Please contact Minnesota Life at 800-872-2214 with any questions regarding the Evidence of Insurability process.

Employees who newly elect short term disability have to complete the Evidence of Insurability coverage -- as well as long-term disability coverage elections requiring EOI.  Group Insurance will issue you the required EOI documentation for you to complete and submit directly to Cigna.  If you don't receive the EOI documentation from Group Insurance office by December 1, 2013, contact your group insurance representative.

Important Reminders

  • Please take the time to review your current benefits elections, confirm your covered dependents -- ensuring that they are still eligible to be covered under your plans -- and review your life insurance beneficiaries.  
  • You can typically only change your benefits elections 1) as a new hire, 2) during the annual Open Enrollment period, or 3) within 30 days of a qualified family status change -- so consider your options carefully at this time. 
  • FLEX elections do not roll over from year to year and MUST be actively re-elected each year during Open Enrollment -- please elect via MyBenefits. 
  • Opt-Out benefits do not roll over from year to year and MUST be actively re-elected each year during Open Enrollment -- please elect via MyBenefits 
  • Any individual who is eligible for group insurance plans as an employee cannot be a dependent on any plan (this includes health, all dental and life insurance plans).

Confirmation Statements

Employees can access their confirmation statements in MyBenefits -- after confirming and submitting their final Open Enrollment elections -- by selecting --2014-- under the Confirmed Benefits box to the right of the MyBenefits screen.
Contact your Group Insurance office for any assistance with your group insurance elections:
  • Risk Management Tel: 561-233-5400
  • Palm Tran Tel: 561-841-4337
  • Supervisor of Elections Tel: 561-656-6272
  • Heidi Rice, CIGNA on-site rep, CIGNA health plan coverage questions 561-233-5463 /
Benefit information including summary plan descriptions, provider information, plan documents, compliance notices and retail pharmacy program information are available on MyBenefits or the Risk Management/Group Insurance department website.

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