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Privacy Policy  |   HIPAA Agreement
In order to access the Community Services Portal, you must read the  Privacy Policy
and sign the  HIPAA Agreement. Return signed HIPAA Agreement to your supervisor/ person
granting access.

County Users:

Your supervisor should have already assigned you a User ID and Password that will allow
you to access the Community Services Portal. Your applications access will be determined
based on the security role that has been assigned to you by your supervisor.
Please see your Supervisor for your User ID and initial Password.

New Agency Registration:

Agencies wishing to become part of the Palm Beach County (PBC) Resource Guide must register to have access to the Common Login that would allow them the following access:

• Adding their Agency Data to the PBC Resource Guide Map
• Allowing their Agency Users to refer their clients to other Agencies

New Agency User Registration

Vendors/Providers (Non-County Users):

You must request access to the Community Services Portal by contacting the appropriate
Department of Community Services staff member (see below). The appropriate
Community Services Division Director or a Program Director will review your request
and authorize your access to Community Services Portal. Once authorized,
you will be given a User ID and a Temporary Password. The first time you sign in,
the system will request you to select two Security questions and change your password.
Once you have successfully logged in, you will see all of the applications that you
have been granted access to based on an assigned security role.
The following is a list of contacts for the different areas of Community Services:

• Community Action Program: James Green (561) 355-4792
• Division of Human Services: Chandra Williams (561) 355-4775
• Division of Senior Services: Alnita Coleman (561) 355-4750
• Farmworker Program: Minerva Acosta (561) 992-7406
• Finance & Support Services: Apryl Jones (561) 355-4702
• Financially Assisted Agencies: Pat Cruzata (561) 355-4713
• Ryan White Program: Pat Cruzata (561) 355-4713
• All Other Programs: Helpdesk (561) 355-4357

If you are able to sign in to the Community Services Portal; but you do not see any applications,
please contact the Helpdesk at (561) 355-4357.

If you have already been granted access to the Community Services Portal and you are still having
trouble, please select the appropriate link or contact the Helpdesk at (561) 355-4357
so that we may help you:

Forgot Password

Privacy Policy

HIPAA Agreement
You have been given permission to use certain applications available through the
secured website of Palm Beach County Community Services. All information
contained in or retrieved from the system is to be held with strict confidence to the
extent permitted by law. Every employee shall be held responsible for systems
security to the degree that his/her job requires. Fulfillment of security
responsibilities shall be mandatory, and violations of security requirements shall be
cause for disciplinary action, up to and including dismissal, civil penalties, and
criminal penalties under chapters 119, 812, 815, 816, 839, or 877 Florida Statutes,
or similar laws. Every Vendor that has been granted access to use certain
applications through the secured website of Palm Beach County Community
Services shall also adhere to the above. Violations of security requirements shall
be cause for system right revocation as well as other disciplinary actions as set
forth by the Department of Community Services.
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